Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We welcome you as guests in the holiday house “Villa Natica”

The following hints, rules of use and the House Rules should help you in dealing with the places and the inventory. We ask you to read and accept these from respect to your landlord as well as future guests.


  • with the aim of giving you an unforgettable holiday, we ask you to contact us immediately with open questions, criticisms or suggestions. If no one is present in the annexe, you can reach us via the Parlophon at the door, or at the telephone number 0032 (0) 80/600 809 or 0032 (0) 492/319731.
  • The holiday house is at your disposal with equipment. We respectfully ask you to deal with the material with respect.
  • The organization of student celebrations, stag parties, drinking feasts… is prohibited.
  • There is a strict ban on smoking throughout the house. We ask you to use the ashtrays on the terrace.


  • the tenant and his accompanying persons are liable in full for the damage caused by them to and in the holiday home. Please inform us immediately of any damage. Only in this way can we arrange a repair for you and the following guests.
  • Parents are responsible for their children.
  • In case of loss of the handed keys, the lock of the entrance door is exchanged. The costs are borne by the tenant.
  • The tenants are responsible for their own good. Accordingly, the landlord cannot be held liable for losses or theft. Please lock all doors when leaving the house.

Number of persons:

  • it is forbidden to include more persons in the rental property than indicated in the booking confirmation. A post-booking on arrival is possible, insofar as the number of beds allows.


  • Before departure, please return the kitchen to its original condition by washing the dishes and placing them in the cabinets provided (see Photo with inventory on the inside of the cupboards). Waste should be provided in closed garbage bags for the container.


  • Please do not throw hygienic wipes, ladies ‘ bandages,… into the toilet.


  • Please be environmentally friendly with electricity and water.
  • Bed linen, bathrobes and towels are available during the stay. Please contact us if you want to change it (may be associated with an extra charge).
  • Please do not remove the mattress savers.
  • With open windows, the heating in the bedrooms automatically switches off. These are energy-saving measures. We ask for your understanding.

Stair Lift:

  • The stair lift is exclusively for the transport of Gehbeeinträchtigter persons. Please do not let your children play with it.
  • Please remain seated until the device has reached its parking position.
  • Use of the stair lift is at your own risk

Living Area:

  • Please do not program the TV sets to your liking.
  • Furniture from the interior should not be placed in the open. Use the garden furniture provided.

Terrace and Garden:

  • after use or before departure, please clean the charcoal grill. Clean the grill and discard the cold ash or remaining coal.
  • Please do not leave your children unattended outside to play parents liable basically for their children.
  • Please take care of the lawn. The entire garden area must be left as it was found on arrival.
  • we would like to ask you to comply with the legal rest periods from 22:00 to 6:00.

Swimming pool and Wellness:

  • Please make sure that no dirt is worn in the swimming pool and the wellness area, as this is associated with a high cleaning effort.
  • Pets are strictly prohibited in the swimming and wellness area.
  • Please do not take drinks to the swimming pool.
  • Children should not be left unattended.
  • Since the ceiling of the swimming pool is fragile, ball games, jumping from the edge pool are,… prohibited.
  • The swimming pool and the wellness area are monitored by cameras.

If the rules and instructions are not observed, the deposit may be partially or wholly withheld. We ask for your understanding!

We have made a lot of effort in furnishing the house. We hope you will feel at home here and wish you a pleasant stay in the Villa Natica.